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Buckskin: National Youth Leadership Training

Buckskin: National Youth Leadership Training

TWO Course Dates in 2010: (Online registration and flyers will be available soon throught the Council website)

The dates are: June 13 – 19, 2010 and August 8 – 14, 2010

New name, new program. But the mission is still the same: Give motivated Scouts the training to become effective leaders in their troops. The council’s premier youth leader training course undergoes an extreme make-over with a new program from the Boy Scouts of America. Buckskin National Youth Leadership Training Course is an intense seven-day leadership training experience for youths. The course models a month in the life of a troop all leading up to a big outdoor experience (an overnight outpost camp). The course uses the patrol method. Patrols are challenged early in the week to present to the troop at the end of the week their “Quest for the Meaning of Leadership.” While the challenge is designed to have them go through the four stages of team development, it will help patrols and individual Scouts internalize the leadership skills and concepts being presented to them along the way. The focus of each session is not only knowledge but giving the youth a “Toolbox of Skills” that equips them with the “how.” To be eligible for this course Scouts must:

  • Hold at least First Class rank
  • Be 13 years old by the start of the course
  • Hold or will hold a leadership position in the troop
  • Have experienced a weeklong Boy Scout campout
  • Have Scoutmaster’s recommendation
  • Have attended Cedar Badge
  • Be mature to properly experience the intense training


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