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Learning Morse Code

There is a morse code requirement for the Signaling merit badge. While there are many morse code keys around, and several iPhone apps that will help you learn morse code; here is a graphic image of why the dots and dashes are used for each letter.

We hope it helps.

Thank you to Mr. Hadden for providing.


Style Tips for Posts

Here’s the main tip. Use Markdown for any text markup you want to see in your posts. I’ve disabled the visual editor for the site.

Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers. Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML).

Please go to the Markdown link and see what your simple choices are for creating more structured posts.

The quick simple instructions are as follows.

  • To bold something, surround it with double asterisks, eg. **bold**
  • To italicize something, surround it with underscores, eg. _italicize_
  • To make something bold and italic, use both, eg. **_bold and italic_**
  • An unordered list is made by starting the line with an asterisk and space then the item.

* item 1
* item 2
* item 3

  • An ordered list is simply made by using numbers and periods instead of asterisks.

1. item 1
2. item 2
3. item 3

There’s plenty more you can do like inserting links and such, but you really should take a look at the Markdown Basics. Now go crazy.

WordPress Plugin Project

I am looking for a developer to create a WordPress plugin for the purposes of tracking Boy Scout Advancement. I run this WordPress site for our local scout troop. I’d like to have an online method of tracking individual Scout’s progress towards rank advancement and becoming an Eagle Scout.

I’ve never tried to contract for a plugin development before so I’ve no idea of cost or distribution. In the end I really don’t mind if the plugin is submitted to the WP Plugin Directory. If the cost is reasonable, and I don’t have any idea what that means, I’m quite willing to do this for the troop and the Boy Scouts. My son is working towards his Eagle rank and I’m hosting the troop site on my own server and doing all this in my time.

What I’d like to accomplish is a series of data collection pages that are viewable/editable only to the actual scout, the Scoutmaster and any Admin user, but not by anyone else. The Scoutmaster will likely not be an admin user. The scout will need to be able to enter data but the data will need to be verified by the Scoutmaster or equivalent. The data needs to include the info on the Individual Scout Record. Scout will likely have a user level of Contributor and Scoutmaster/equivalent of Editor.

As there are qualifications for rank advancement (number of merit badges and Eagle requirement badges) it would be nice to visually designate on the individual rank pages if there are any requirements missing or if the rank qualifications are complete. A summary page listing all completed items on the second page of the Individual Scout Record listing the Merit Badge and highest Scout Rank along with the date completed (Board of Review date) would be great. If the Scout has not yet attained the rank of Eagle it would be great to display what outstanding requirements for the next rank are still not completed.

I do not need the Attendance and Dues section. Each section should be a different page. Each Scout Rank should be a different page. Bronze Palm, Gold Palm and Silver Palm are all Eagle Ranks and can be included on the Eagle Rank page. It might also be nice for the Scout not to be able to access the next rank page until all the qualifications are entered for the current rank. Don’t make verification of these qualifications needed to see and edit the next rank page. Perhaps this could be an admin level setting to access or not. I’m just thinking out loud.

Additional pages as

  • Service Hours
    including City Flags, Eagle projects

  • Camping/Hiking/Backpacking

These additional pages will require each entry to have a date, a text description, number of hours and an “admin defined category” per entry. These entries should be viewable/printable by date or category/date. There may be more than just the preceding 2 types of pages but the entry requirements for the page should be similar.

Entire record should be printable only by Scout, Scoutmaster or equivalent or admin user. It should not display site’s theme. It should not be able to be scraped by a spider or Google, or be viewable in any way by anyone without authorization. I don’t want personal data of children out.

If anyone out there wishes to help defray costs I’ll happily accept. If interested let me know and we’ll figure something out.

If your a WordPress Plugin developer and are interested in this project please let me know as well.


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